Enjoy our fabulous

Swimming Pool

at Caño Negro Natural Lodge


Swimming Pool

Refresh from the hot sun

Nestled amidst the vibrant greenery of the wetlands, the pool at Caño Negro Natural Lodge is a masterpiece of tranquility. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it provides an oasis of relaxation while maintaining a harmonious connection with the natural surroundings. Tall palm trees and indigenous plants frame the area, creating a tropical paradise that seamlessly blends with the wetlands’ ecosystem.

The pool itself is a sparkling gem, inviting you to take a refreshing dip under the warm sun. The design is thoughtful, with curves and contours that mimic the meandering waterways of Caño Negro. As you swim, you might catch glimpses of the abundant birdlife overhead, creating a unique and enchanting experience.

While taking a dip in the hotels refreshing swimming pool, we invite you to enjoy a variety of cocktails, drinks and appetizers at the wet bar.

For group affairs -upon previous request- a spectacular lunch and/or dinner can be grilled right by the pool.

Luxurious loungers line the pool, offering the perfect spot to soak up the sun or unwind with a good book. The poolside area is adorned with comfortable seating, umbrellas, and ambient lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to gather, share stories, or simply revel in the beauty of their surroundings.

To enhance the experience, the pool area is equipped with amenities that cater to both relaxation and recreation. Whether you choose to float leisurely in the water, sip on a refreshing tropical drink, or enjoy a rejuvenating massage by the poolside, every moment is designed to be a celebration of nature’s wonders.

In essence, the pool area at Caño Negro Natural Lodge is a sanctuary within a sanctuary a carefully crafted space where the beauty of the wetlands converges with the comfort and luxury of a world-class resort. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature while indulging in the finer things in life.

The pool itself is a sparkling gem.

The pool area at Caño Negro Natural Lodge is a sanctuary within a sanctuary.

Caño Negro haven for nature photographers

Caño Negro, Costa Rica, is a haven for nature photographers seeking to capture the raw beauty of the natural world. Through a combination of wildlife and landscape photography, enthusiasts can create visual narratives that showcase the diversity and fragility of this extraordinary ecosystem. As photographers venture into the heart of Caño Negro, they not only capture moments frozen in time but also contribute to the appreciation and conservation of the precious natural resources that define this unique destination.

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As the biggest and well-kept hotel in the area; the grounds and tropical gardens are lovely maintained and cleaned in a very professional manner. We have unique charter tours, sublime restaurant services that will cater for your needs. The Family friendly settings also come at a reasonably affordable rate, at optimum comfort.