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Sport Fishing


Sport Fishing Tour in Caño Negro

4 or 8 hours tours

Northern Costa Rica is truly a freshwater fisherman´s paradise.  A region covered by rivers and lakes, home to a variety of fish such as Tarpon (Sábalo Real) a saltwater fish that lives in the Atlantic Ocean being Costa Rica one of the few places in the world where it can be found in fresh water up to 300 miles away from the sea. There are Snook (Róbalo) which are prized by fishermen due to their combative nature, Rainbow Bass (Guapote) and Garfish (Gaspar) considered a living fossil.

Our guides are native to the area which will help to ensure that both fishing lovers and nature lovers alike can enjoy the best spots for practicing this wonderful sport and for taking in the breathtaking sights of this amazing part of the world.

The best time of year to enjoy fishing in Caño Negro is from mid-December to April.   For those who want to live a full day of adventure you can book an 8 hour tour (4 hrs. in the morning and 4 hrs. in the afternoon).  Or you can opt for a shorter 4 hr. expedition, either during the morning or during the afternoon. You are going to fully enjoy yourself on board any of our fishing boats; Pantanal Type, aluminum and fiberglass, with 4 and 2 stroke engines.

Truly a freshwater fisherman´s paradise

Specialist Guides

Our guides are specialists in the wildlife of this region. Their keen observation skills and knowledge of the habitat will enrich this unforgettable tour.  Always anticipating the perfect shot, you will have wonderful photos to cherish.

Tour Detail Information


  • 8 hours Full Day
  • 4 hours Half Day

Suggested Equipment

  • Long pants
  • Sport shoes
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water
  • Walking Shoes or Sandals
  • Sun Screen
  • Sun Glasses

Tour Pricing

  • Fishing license  ($30 + tax)
  • Refuge entrance fee ($5.65)


  • Bilingual guide.
  • Fishing Boat.
  • Basic Fishing equipment.

Starting Time

  • 6:00 am

Stay at the best place

As the biggest and well-kept hotel in the area; the grounds and tropical gardens are lovely maintained and cleaned in a very professional manner. We have unique charter tours, sublime restaurant services that will cater for your needs. The Family friendly settings also come at a reasonably affordable rate, at optimum comfort.