Taking Your Kids Fishing During Your Natural Lodge Caño Negro Vacation

As you may expect, there are plenty things to do during your Natural Lodge vacation. World-class birdwatching, guided nature hikes, photography and sightseeing are all popular activities among our guests, and there’s also plenty of leisure activities to enjoy, including swimming, dining and socializing with other vacationers from around the world. But there’s one other [...]

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Investigation Reveals Why the Rio Celeste is Light Blue

By Marcel Evans Rio Celeste Costa RicaA team of researchers from the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Universidad Nacional analyzed the color of the waters that gives the name to the famous Rio Celeste (Light Blue River), located in the canton of Guatuso, the province of Alajuela, and managed to unravel the mystery. Many [...]

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Cano Negro, Rio Frio, Lake Nicaragua and San Juan River Fishing

Cano Negro, Lake Arenal, Rio Frio River, Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan River are the major fishing spots in the northern part of Costa Rica and the southern part of Nicaragua. Fish on beautiful Cano Negro and Lake Nicaragua for “Guapote”, the Guapote is basically a Central American Bass although it’s technically a member [...]

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Caño Negro heart of new Unesco Biosphere Reserve

916,000 hectares of protected forest and wetlands.This is the third territory of the country declared World Biosphere With Wetland Caño Negro, Los Chiles, north of the country, was born in September 2007 another world biosphere reserve by Unesco. Costa Rica's proposal was approved unanimously by representatives of 34 member states of Unesco. A biosphere reserve [...]

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