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How to get to Caño Negro Lodge

Detail Direction from San Jose


(Duration: 3:45min to 4hrs)

The Best way is driving through NARANJO- CIUDAD QUESADA- MUELLE on road 35 towards LOS CHILES.

From San Jose you must to take on the Pan-American Highway (Route 1 to the NW) towards the Juan Santa Maria Airport (Alajuela), where you will drive by, then keep on the highway. Once you pass by a Toll Booth (which is only for the traffic heading opposite to your way), get ready because the next intersection to the right is the one where you must to get off heading to NARANJO, ZARCERO & CIUDAD QUESADA.

After Ciudad Quesada you are going through or by these little towns:     FLORENCIA, MUELLE, PAVON (from Pavon are 16-17km to the deviation to Cano Negro), then you are going to find a signal pointing Cano Negro to the Left, from there are 19 km on gravel until you reach Natural Lodge Cano Negro.

Please notice: you are heading to Los Chiles BUT the deviation to Cano Negro is 8km before you reach Los Chiles.

Detail Direction from Liberia


(Duration: 2 hrs)

From Liberia take the deviation to UPALA, passing through Hacienda Tenorio, Rio Naranjo and Bijagua on (Road 6 North). Once in UPALA on (Road 4), you will cross over a Metal bridge, then drive between 7-9km towards COLONIA PUNTARENAS TOW, before your reach Colonia Puntarenas you will find at the Left side of the road AGROCOLOS, (it’s a small store).

In AGROCOLOS turn left, you will see sings showing Cano Negro, after 26km on gravel road you will end on an intersection, turn right and 500mts later you will reach Natural Lodge Cano Negro.

Detail Direction from La Fortuna


(Duration: 1:45 min)

From Fortuna you must to drive to EL TANQUE (approximately 7 Km far). Then turn to the left and follow the signs towards UPALA until you reach an intersection (approximately 2km far from El Tanque).

When you reach the intersection, turn right hand heading to MUELLE, then you will reach a big Gas Station in MUELLE, turn left towards LOS CHILES (on road 35), 8 km before LOS CHILES you will find a signal at the right side of the road showing Caño Negro to the left. From there drive 19km on gravel road and you are in Natural Lodge Cano Negro.

Charter Plane

There are not schedulet flights from the international airport. However, we can help you arrange a charter plane that will take you to the nearest town (Los Chiles), and from there it is a 30 min drive to the Hotel.  *Costs are based on the amount of passengers.

GPS Coordinates

  • Latitude:   10 53.655
  • Longitude: -84 47.206